The Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC) of the National Corvette Restorer’s Society (NCRS) is one of more than 30 local NCRS organizations.  We formed shortly after NCRS itself, back in 1974, making us one of the oldest chapters going.

Our domain includes Colorado, Wyoming, western Nebraska, South Dakota and western Kansas.  We are proud to have members from places as distant as Argentina, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, New Zealand, and Australia!  We are active on a global scale and love to get around…

Our membership numbers in the 100-150 range and resides principally in the Denver metropolitan corridor of Colorado.  You’ll find a wide variety of Corvette and NCRS judging knowledge here with member owned cars of many different years.

We meet approximately once a month targeting the third Saturday for our get togethers.  We conduct Flight Judging meets, provide judging schools technical sessions, run group road trips and host several social events each year.  We’re a fun group of people sharing a common interest in Corvettes!

RMC has been active on the national level by hosting a number of NCRS Regional meets as well as National Conventions.  Not every Corvette owner wants to turn ‘baby’ into a museum piece, but a little bit of knowledge goes a long way.  Discover what’s what and then keep your car the way YOU want it.  We’ll help!

We invite you to join us.  Learn about your car, meet fellow enthusiasts, and get active with your our local group of good guys!